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Happiness Economics: The Determinants Of Expatriates Happiness In Uae From Socio-Economic Point Of View

Human happiness is an old concept that has been studied by sociologists and philosophers long time ago. However, involving happiness as a subjective variable in the economic studies is not old. Studies on the economics of happiness have started in the 70s of the last century. This field has taken an important place internationally. Many researches are done in many countries around the world. However, in the country that its citizens are ranked as the happiest in the Arab world. The country that has established the Ministry of happiness. No enough studies are done about this topic. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the determinants of expatriates’ happiness in the UAE as expatriates present a large portion of the UAE community. Viewing this objective from socio-economic point of view. A sample of 200 working individuals were surveyed. The data were analyzed using descriptive and analytical statistical methods. A binary logistic regression model was used to determine the factors affecting happiness degree of expatriates in the UAE. The result shows that a strong association exists between happiness as dependent variable and savings, health level, and income level as independent variables. Keywords - Happiness, Economics of happiness, Expatriate, Socio-economic factors.