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Using Big Data Analytics In Supply Chain: Literature Review And A Proposed Framework

When supply chain management (SCM) meets Big Data Analytics (BDA), innumerable openings arise in academic research. Unfortunately, how analytics can be applied to supply chain processes is still unclear for both academics and industries. For that reason, the main goal of this study is to provide a clear understanding of the countless number of methods and techniques that are employed to analyze the using of BDA in SCM and help academics in mapping the newly available approaches to the real-world SCM issues. To better connect SC processes needs and what BDA offer, this paper provides a step-by-step approach in a wide-ranged overview of BDA-SCM. The review scrutinizes research works by using the supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model. This framework is based on three levels and will be used to perform a literature review of 805 academic publications from 2001 to 2017. Index Terms - Big Data Analytics, supply chain management, SCOR matrix, Literature review.