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Willing To Pay For Flood Protection Of The Lower River Tapee, Suratthani Province

The purposes of this research were to evaluate the Willingness to Pay for Flood Prevent Tax in the lower river Tapee by using the Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) and the Double Bounded Close-Ended survey to inquire the questionnaires using the four starting bids of 20 50 100 and 150 baht per month per household and collecting the data from the representatives who live in the lower river Tapee, 640 examples. This data was analysed with Censored Logistic Regression of Cameron and evaluated with Maximum Likelihood Estimation. The results of the study found that the average of Willingness to Pay for Flood-Prevent Tax was 142.82 per month per household and the median of willingness to Pay for Flood-Prevent Tax was 103.21 per month per household. The results of the study can be used to guidelines for flood protection taxation. The tax will raise the social standards of the people and reduce losses from floods. Leading up to the provincial and national strategies in the future. Keywords- Flood, flood tax, the willing to pay, the lower river Tapee.