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An Important – Performance Analysis Of Internet Of Things Applications In Hotels

Internet of Things (IoT) technology starts claiming a lofty position in tourism industry, transforming hotels to smart hotels, tourism services to smart tourism services and overall tourism industry to smart tourism industry. It could be considered the core carrier of the smart tourism information system.The acceptance ofImportance-performance analysis (IPA) as the measurement of service quality is corroborated by its extensive application in the tourism sector. Hotels must deliver high guest satisfaction iftheyare to maintain a competitive advantage and it is up to hotel managers to identify the critical IoT performance appliancesthat generate this guestsatisfaction. Guests are satisfied when the hotels’ performance matches their expectations.The purpose of this research was to investigate the perceptions of hotel guests towards importance and performance of IoT appliances in hotels. It was found that IoT appliances spread over 3 quadrants. Two of them were placed in the Concentrate Here quadrant, six of them in the Keep up the Good Work quadrant and eight of them in the Low Priority quadrant. Index Terms— Importance – Performance analysis (IPA), Internet of Things (IoT), tourism industry.