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The Effect Of Coo And Consumer Perception On Local And Import Beef In Aceh

COO is one factor that influences consumerwhen evaluating a product. This study explores the effect of COO information on consumer perception and evaluation of local and import beef. The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of COO information on consumer perception and evaluation ofbeef properties. The data in this article based on primary quantitative research using questionaire. The sample size was found 102 Aceh beef consumer aged between 18 and 57 years inAceh, Indonesia. In the research the consumer evaluated beef properties originating from local and import. The Methodology used for this study was experiment design of pra test with blind test and post test with known COO.This research aims to develop a better understanding of the effect of COO on product evaluation. The result of this study shows that the effectof COOinfluence consumer perception. Keywords- Contry Of Origin, Consumer Perception, Beef, Aceh.