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Effect Of Knowledge Collection On Personal Performance Effciency: Case Study On Ministry Of Education And Sport, The Lao People’s Democratic Republic

The effect of knowledge collection was investigated on the staff performance in an organization. Since not many research studies on knowledge management have been conducted in LAO PDR, This study focused on the staff of the Ministry of Education and Sport who played an important role in the provision of education in the LAO PDR.The literature was reviewed focusing on knowledge collection and personal performance issues. Then, a questionnaire was designed and then pretested and checked using translation and back translation between Thai-Lao and Lao-Thai languages before being used in a survey during March 2018. The collected data were analyzed descriptively and using multiple regression to answer the research questions. The results showed that the levels of knowledge collection and personal performance were high at 3.67 and 3.58, respectively, based on a 5-point scale. The regression analysis showed that knowledge collection had a minimal effect on personal performance (R2 = 0.077), suggesting that instead of focusing merely on knowledge collection, the research emphasis should be on knowledge management, including knowledge acquisition or creation, knowledge sharing, knowledge utilization in addition to knowledge collection.It is expected that the personal performance should be improved through knowledge management at a higher level. Index Terms - Knowledge collection, Personal Performance Efficiency, Lao PDR.