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The Development Of Online Encyclopedias For Thai Astrology

The subject of astrology is a science that is based on the philosophy or perspective of the results of natural phenomena combined with the relationship of the environment to explain various situations. Systematically which is a science that is important and has a high impact on the way of life of people in Thai society for a long time from the past to the present. The study of Thai astrology is difficult, many learners have abandoned their education efforts and lacking accuracy in prediction and may affect the value of this science, which is considered one of the important wisdom and heritage of Thai people. Therefore, in this research, the researcher developed the Thai astrological encyclopedia with the objective to be used as a tool to help Thai astrological student learn to use and review themselves in parallel with studying in the classroom with primary Thai astrological students. The results of the test with the sample group of 20 people found that the average score in the post-test has increased by 48 percent and can enhance the learning as a source of additional knowledge =4.65. Students can apply knowledge to study Thai astrology =4.65. In addition, resulting in the students taking pride in studying the knowledge that is the wisdom of Thai ancestors and want to study to maintain more =4.40. Keywords - Thai Astrology, Prediction, Encyclopedias, Education