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A Secure Email Client Application Using Retinal Image Matching

As technology advances, more and more systems are introduced which will look after users comfort. Retinal image matching is a technique that can be used in image matching for person identification or patient longitudinal study. Vascular invariant features are extracted from the retinal image and a feature vector is constructed for each of the vessel-segments in the retinal blood vessels. The feature vectors are stored in a database which maintains the vessel-segments actual hierarchical positions. Using these feature vectors, corresponding images are matched. The method identifies the same vessel in the corresponding images for comparing the desired feature or features. The application that we have developed uses advanced image processing algorithms to accurately process retinal images. In this way it is a foolproof technique and authentication can be done without any chance of failure. Thus we can see that new technologies always have more benefits and are more user-friendly. Keyword- Retinal Image ,Vessel Bifurcation, Branch and Crossover Points, Invariant Feature, Feature Vector.