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Utilization White Sand From Beach in Kendari As Alternative Building Materials

Indonesia is an archipelago that has abundant natural resources. These natural potentials that are used as building materials are those derived from mining material group C, such as sand, stone, gravel, and so on. In addition to mining material also use wood derived from natural forest and woodland plants as building material. The availability of this material in every distribution area is uneven. In fact every region have specific local potential, that can be used as alternative building material. Along with housing development program encouraged by the government, needed support supplying of building materials. This building material is the largest cost component of building price. One way to depress the price of building material is by making use of local potential owned, so that regions can be sufficient to the need for building material. The use of local materials for building materials needs to be supported by laboratory research, so that building materials can meet technical requirements according to applicable standards. This research aims to improve production technology of alternative building materials by utilizing local materials white sand from the beach in Kendari, so the society in Kendari independently can meet the needs of building materials. By using the results of this study the implementers of the construction of facilities and infrastructure in the field of settlements will be more efficient in utilizing local material white sand from the beach in Kendari for building components so as to reduce the cost of building materials. Keywords - White sand Kendari, Local Potential, Alternative Building Materials.