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The Process of Political Communication to The Political Institutions (Case Study on Political Parties in The 2019 Indonesia Election)

This study discusses the process of political communication of political parties in 2019Indonesia election. The problem statement of the research is how the process of the political communication to the political institutions of political parties in 2019 Indonesia Election. The purpose of this study is to describe the process of political communication performed by political parties in 2019Indonesia elections. The methodological approach is qualitative with case study method and data collection techniques used in this research is observation and in-depth interview.The result of this study are that theprocess of political communication of political parties in 2019 Indonesia electiontakes place dynamicallyamong others, the process of communication between leaders and members (communicator) of political parties, message of politics, community as constituents (message recipient), and the media. The process of political communication is characterized by the activities of the source of political messages to the recipient of the message, and the objectives are changes in the constituents' knowledge, attitudes, and behavior to provide political support to political parties in the 2019 election. Keywords - Communication, political communication, political party, institution of politics, process of political communication.