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Capability Social Capital Indices among Low Income Group in East Coast of Malaysia

Capability of social capital is highly debated among today's social researchers as it reduces the rate of poverty through increasing household income in a country. Previous studies have shown that social capital index is very important in measuring the level of social wellbeing and the quality of life of society. There are many social capital measurement indices being used by researchers. However, for this study, six dimensions of social capital will be used which are network & communication; trust, value, norms & habits, social rules, capability or ability and religious needs. The aim of this study is to analyze the influence of social capital on individual income levels in east coast especially in Terengganu, Malaysia. Respondents are randomly chosen from selected residential areas in Terengganu. Data was analyzed using Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS), and findings show the relationship between social capital factors and level income of the respondents. The results of this study contribute to the theoretical implications by demonstrating a conceptual framework that examines the relationships between social capital and income levels. Index Terms - Social capital, income, social capital dimensions.