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Virtual Reality Cognitive Training with Mindfulness Practice

Cognitive impairment refers to the decrease in cognitive abilities which have a risk to develop Dementia syndrome. To prevent risk of developing Dementia, physical activities and cognitive training are profitable for improving cognitive abilities. We propose a methodology (COGT) of combination of cognitive training in a matrix of tiles by Oculus Rift and mindfulness meditation practice. We focused on memory recall with virtual reality experiences in Oculus Rift and examined mindfulness meditation effects on concentration. We could certify that all participants except one participant could easily enjoyed web-based VR application in three levels with 3 minutes mindfulness meditation practice and enhanced the ability of memory and recognition of five positions of tiles in a space of a matrix of 16 tiles. After mindfulness meditation practice, all participants could acquire higher score with lower heart rate and shorter duration. Keywords - Virtual reality, Cognitive training, Mindfulness, Oculus Rift, Myo armband, Heart rate.