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Development of Elderly Care System for Slowing Down Occurrence of Dementia

This research is R&D aiming to study dementia symptom in older persons and to develop a system of elderly care service in oder to slow down occurrence of dementia. Tools used in the research were as the followings---CMS Joomla and PHP used for a system development as well as MySQL for database management. The created system is an online system consisting of 3 major parts---namely, 1) Information display 2) Dementia screening form 3) Brain training activities. The system was tested and evaluated on 3 aspects consisting of design, usability, and accessibility by experts. Based on the test result, it was found that the system functioned as designed. Meanwhile, the system efficiency evaluation as whole showed that efficiency of the system was at the high level with a mean value of 4.22. Keywords - System Development, Elderly Care System, Older Persons (Elderly Persons), Dementia