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Needs Assessment for Development of a Blended Instructional Model

This assessment aims to study needs for developing a Blended Instructional Model. The sample group used in this research derived from 30 students who used to learn courses of Innovation and Educational Information Technology at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in Semester 1/2018. The research instrument relied on Needs Test, in the type of 5-level rating scale, which was classified into 2 parts: first part - basic information of students and second part – learning management of Innovation and Educational Information Technology courses. Each question was divided into 2 parts: current condition and desired condition. Needs Test used 5-level rating scale and passed Reliability Analysis. The coefficient of reliability of α-Coefficient formula by Cronbach was at 9.37 whereas the statistical figures used to assess this test is PNI Modified Scores. This research reveals that most needed learning management for students is Digital learning provided by instructors (0.36) and followed by Competency pre-test before learning (0.29), activities that stimulated searching for self-learning methods (0.22), Learning self-assessment (0.20), Additional study in courses interested (0.19), Activities via internet network (0.18), Various learning activities provided (0.18), and Assessment from practical learning (0.18), respectively. Keywords - Needs Assessment, Blended Instructional