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The Participation of People in Social Capital Development for Tourism Activity Creation Bang Khonthi District, Samutsongkram Province

The study aimed to analyze the participation of people in social capital development for tourism activity creation in Bang KhonthiDistrict of SamutSongkram Province. It is a quantitative and qualitative-integrated research using questionnaire in data collection from 400 people of the sampling group. It was found that the majority of people in Bang KhonthiDistrictof SamutSongkram Province had expressed the same opinions that there has still been a successive heritable practice up to the present time in the areas where there is human capital such as community leaders, social core leaders, and folk wise men who have good knowledge on local history, coconut, coconut sugar production as well as good intelligence and culture capital like the Baisri offering tradition, the seasonal fruit contest and the Kanomkrok-sugar offering tradition. Moreover, it includes the coconut sugar production, the knowledge on how to live along the water ways, the water transportation, the ancient remains and those historical sites which are meaningful to Thai history such as Bang Kung Camp, Bang NokKwack old market. It also includes natural resource capital which refers to the lifestyle along the river and canal bank. There is a utilization of water resources in travelling. There are many water ways in the area, and what was mentioned most by the people as an important water way of Thailand was Mae Klong River which is essential to the lifestyle. Besides, the people’s participation level in all aspects is considered low. This includes the participation of perceiving, sharing ideas, expressing opinions, making considerations, making decisions, taking actions, receiving benefit and following up, testing as well as evaluating. Index Terms - Social Capital, Participation, Tourism