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Attitude Towards The Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Ethics Committee

The purpose of this study was to study the attitudes of researchers. The Human Research Ethics Committee. University The sample consisted of researchers within the university. Data were collected via questionnaire created. And data analysis software The statistics used in this study are: frequency, percentage, average, and standard deviation. Used for data analysis To describe the characteristics of the sample data and feedback on the Human Research Ethics Committee. The research found that The evaluation considered the three with the most votes showed that the research will have more security at a high level (X ̅ = 4.615 ± .650) protects volunteers. (Sample) to participate in the high level (X ̅ = 4.538 ± .0.519) will lead research proposal of the Board, prior research. (X ̅ = 4.538 ± .660) recommendation of respondents 1. coordination of the still ongoing 2. To provide training and ongoing publicity 3. The period. Long And there is no schedule for completion of the task is clear. And has not been recovered documents such as certificates, submit amendments should be considered as early as 4. Because the data is delayed While researchers have a time frame as the director. Keywords - Attitude, Expectation, Ethics Committee, SuanSunandha