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Sufficient Way-Method of Life Based on The Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of ASEAN People: Vientiane, Lao PDR.

This research aims to investigate the understanding and sufficient living conditions of people. It also analyzes human behaviors and evaluates the application of sufficiency economy philosophy at individual and household levels. The guideline for living based on the sufficiency economy philosophy of people in Vientiane, Laos, was also assessed. The researcher collected data by using questionnaires to survey 400 samples alongside with interviewing 30 people who were village chiefs, teenagers, public servants, private employees, youths, and general citizens. In this research, the researcher found that most people who lived in Vientiane, Laos were Buddhist. However, their hometowns were mostly located in other districts. Most of the public employees in Vientiane were the members of some specific social groups, particularly the men’s party and the women’s union. Regarding the level of understanding of sufficiency economy philosophy on expenses, the local people had to consider the needs for their living and avoid high expenditure. When engaging in community or social activities, they could not exploit other people and their colleagues. Moreover, their everyday life had to be economicalor sufficient. For example, most of them had three full meals on a daily basis. Every piece of work was always based on self-reliance, mutual generosity, and mutual support. The research results show that sufficient living was rated at high level as well as the environmental and natural resources conservation and usages. Thefactors affecting the activity practice at individual and household levels based on the sufficiency economy philosophy consisted of age, occupation, length of residency in Vientiane, educational level, income and expenses per month, participation in sufficiency economy philosophy training, and membership in a social group. The application of sufficiency economy philosophy was also rated at high level, especially in terms of their mindset and practice based on the word “enough” which refers to self-improvement, non-oppression, and satisfactionon sufficient living. Index Terms - Sufficiency Economy Philosophy Application, Urban Way of Life, Vientiane