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Modal Analysis Of Wing Skeleton Of A MAV To Determine The Range Of Flapping Frequencies

- Determining The Natural Frequencies Of Structure Under Time Dependent Cyclic Loading Is Very Important To Control The Amplitude Of Vibration Caused By That Force. If The Frequency Of Force/Load Applied Matches The Natural Frequencies Of The Structure, The Structure Can Fail Owing To Large Deformation And Fatigue. Modal Analysis Using ANSYS Workbench Was Performed On The Wing Skeleton Of A Micro Air Vehicle Which Was Driven By A Four Bar Crank-Rocker Mechanism; Crank Being Driven By A Gear Imparts Cyclic Time Dependent Force On The Rocker Coupled To The Wing. The Natural Frequencies Of The Wing Were Determined And The Flapping Frequency Range For Different Flight Domains Was Restricted On The Basis Of The Result. Using Mechanical Dynamic Analysis Module Of ANSYS The Participation Factor Was Determined To Further Optimise The Structure And Operational Parameters. Keywords- M :- Structure Mass Matrix K :- Structure Stiffness Matrix C :- Damping Coefficient Matrix U:- Displacement Vector U':- Velocity Vector U:- Acceleration Vector F(T):- Applied Force Vector Ωi:- Angular Frequency Of Ith Mode