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Women, Arab Spring And Social Media: Effects Of Social Media On Egyptian Women’s Participation In The Revolution

This research article discusses the role played by social media among Egyptian women during Arab uprising that occurred in the year 2011. During the rebellion in Tahrir Square, Cairo, women ferociously protested against their concerns. The research article evaluates the participation of women in the rebellion in their own viewpoint, pursues explanation for the use of social media by women and their opinions on whether it made women participate in those revolts. The research concluded that an excellent work was done by the social media during the Arab uprising which empowered the women activists at personal level and it boosted the women in terms of politics. Social media offered the right space for women who were enthusiastic to participate in the uprising and in the politics of their country. Through social media, freedom of expression, increased awareness and encouragement among women were achieved. Keywords: Arab Spring, social media, women’s political participation, civic engagement, online/offline activism, social network, empowerment, democracy.