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Agrarian Crisis And Political Instability In Zimbabwe: Racial Factor And Land Question

The paper provides an introductory profile of the history, society, economy and political dynamics in Zimbabwe and to analyze the racial factor and the land questions in Zimbabwe and its impact on the blacks that how on the basis of race land has been divided by the white colonizers. It also focuses on the land distribution, white ownership questions and political conflict in Zimbabwe. Basing land distribution as the key factor for the emergent economic and political dynamics, the examines examines how the policy of land distribution enthused popular support in the formation of Robert Mugabe’s government and how in the subsequent period questions raised on the nature of its implementation and legitimacy. It is a historical tragedy that land remains the bone of contention in Zimbabwe‟s political, economic and social development. The racial struggle for land control supported by the political regime is it in the pre independence phase or independent phase continues as a cardinal question in Zimbabwe political life. The chapter also focuses on different social, political and economic aspects where the race remained a core factor specifically for the question of land in Zimbabwe.