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Improvement of The Nutritional Value of Maize Crop by using Genetic Engineering Techniques

Maize is one of the world’s three most widely cultivated crops (along with wheat and rice) and is arguably the most economically important cereal crop on a worldwide basis. Demand for maize is projected to increase by 50% to over 800 million tons per year by the year 2020 and will surpass both rice and wheat in global demand.Tow Egyptian single cross maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids; namely, SC168, SC10 were used in the current study. Mature seeds were used as explant source.The main objective of the present research is to evaluate the most suitable concentration of growth regulators for callus induction from mature and immature embryo explants of the maize hybrids, regenerate and high throughput callus for transformation, transform of Anthranilate synthase genes by particle bombardment to callus and screening the genetic transformation of this gene. The data were obtained and recorded.