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The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Employment Growth in Nigeria

This study analyzed the effects of trade liberalization on employment growth in less developed country: the Nigeria experience. The findings provide answers to various research questions like, what are the impacts of trade liberalization on employment generation in Nigeria?, to what extent can trade liberalization generate employment? To investigate through this survey, data were collected from secondary source, world bank statistics on indicators such as employment, trade openness, per capita income and exchange rate. These were considered has the variables with the most effect, which was later proved in the study. Ordinary Least Square (OLS) formed the basis for the estimation. The study found that exchange rate and trade openness are positively related to employment, even when orthodox defines a negative relationship between exchange rate and employment. While per capita has a negative relationship with employment. The effects of these indicators are propulsive, if they are well monitored and stabilized in the right way with good economy policies, employment will improve tremendously. Index Terms - Employment, Exchange Rate, Trade liberalization, and Trade Openness.