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Designing A Marine Safety Store System using Maria DB and Flask Based on Information Flow Diagram (IFD)

Thailand is a country with coastal areas; thus, it is common for commercial companies to focus on marine work. However, a large number of Marine Stores started their business without a good store system. Some are using systems with bad design or inefficient for their business. These could result in a bad business and loss in customers as well as revenues. This research is intended to serve as a presentation for concept modeling, a structural design pattern for the design and using web application technology to create a good store system. This instructional system design is significant for the design and development of store systems.Based on website engineering principles and methods, as well as using Information Flow Diagram as design methodology, it is necessary to express the database concepts on flow of information and graphic user interface (GUI) explicitly in the design because design is an efficient and effective method that gives user optimal understanding of the concept. IFD concept is advised by Associate Professor Dr.Paniti Netinant for the project studies, under the principles that diagrams and gathered request, system outputs, and actions occurred in each stage of the system.This research can be applied to other industries in store system design. Eventually, this store system could make business more capable of managing their store system. Index Terms - IFD, IntFD, Flask, MariaDB, Enterprise Information System, Information Flow Diagram, Interface Flow Diagram