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Information Flow Diagram: Designing a Learning Application on Mobile System

At present, many Thai people are interested in learning Japanese language, but they do not have time to study at a learning center. There are many levels of the Japanese language learning. The beginner level of Japanese language is not difficult to learn by themselves. This paper presents the concepts of modeling, a structural design pattern for the mobile software application and technology of a self-learning. The instructional media design is significant for the design and development of educational systems based on software engineering principles and methods. There are several methods and models available in the system design. However, no model is designed for a mobile Japanese language learning. It is important to express the concept of the database, the flow of information, and the graphic user interfaces explicitly in the design. The design could make the users easily comprehensive and correctly effective and efficient. This research shows a design of Japanese language learning applications on the Android mobile operating system using the Information Flow Diagram (IFD) technique. The concept of IFD is acquired from Associate Professor Dr. Panti Netinant with the project studies under the principles that diagrams and gathered request, system outputs, and actions occurred in each stage of the system. The IFD shows the relationships overview of each screen, describes the process of working on each screen as well as the data received and the results, the interface, and information flow. The IFD defines the work processes and information required to interact with the user to use in the design. The primary system will be relatively separated from each screen, then explain to the main as well as the data, the results, and the actions that occur on each screen. The symbols used in the IFD include four sections: a user interface, a process data and information flows, and data stores. This research can be applied to other applications in learning foreign languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Asian languages. Eventually, this application could make Thai people more capable of communicating with the foreigners. Index Terms - Information Flow Diagram, Interface Flow Diagram, Mobile Learning Application, Software Design.