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Safety and Qualitymanagement in the lift Industryusing the FMEA Technique

Elevator industry is one of the essential requirements for the development of urban construction and welfare in the service of human beings. Without this industry there will be no vertical development of cities and the benefits of sublime, but considering the risks and risks resulting from the inadequate functioning of each The components of the elevator system are vital to the lives and resources of the people who use it, and the adoption of techniques with accepted methodologies to enhance safety and quality is crucial. One of these techniques is global agreement and for the implementation and deployment of the system Quality assurance and safety guarantees are offered by recognized organizations such as ISO. Analysis technique Disasters and Risks and their Effects (FMEA). Given the increasing incidents in the elevator industry in all stages, in this paper, while reviewing the general techniques of this technique, the requirements for using them in the elevator industry at all stages of parts production, design we will install, maintain and exploit. Keywords - FMEA, Quality Management, Safety Management, Elevator.