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Title and Text in Surahs of Qur’an Starting with Swear Textual Semiology Study of Surah of Al-Adiyat

This paper is divided into two sections. The first section is a theoretical one which examines a title concept, its functions, its significance, and its relationship with the Quranic text, which is a complete linguistic discourse that contains many surahs with different titles. These surahs are a group of texts that establish the discourse of Quran, and each discourse has its own focal point that an author intends to reach. Titles are significant focal points that summarize the author’s intention. This is why scholars have studied titles, and they have done so in two ways; either by starting from titles to understand texts or by starting from texts to understand titles. The second section is a practical one. It examines the linguistic analysis of surahs in Quran starting with swear. Those are fifteen surahs which have coherent parts and proportional structure. The paper studies surah of al-‘Adiyat as an example. It examines its parts, and relationship between its title and text. It also studies semiology of it, its contradict characters, its title which takes readers back to its swear. It also discusses Axis compensation and selection in the text and characters in a way that clarifies the surah’s deep structure that is found behind its vocal, grammatical, morphological, and semantic features. My study emphasizes that lexical interpretations of the surah’s characters and meanings are not enough to comprehend the text. This is because studying words in their context is required to comprehend the text. The study also tries to emphasize that surah of al-‘Adiyat has full grammatical coherence through its structure, swear, events, and characters, and to clarify that the surah’s different meanings can be derived from its title, which is a semiology icon and focal point. My study also emphasizes that the means of textual coherence fulfill their tasks.