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A Ro-Ro Entrepreneurship as a Technology Start-Up Project

Roadfreight services which are vital part of cargo deliveries in Europe have been sensitive for technological developments. Trucking companies must engage their operations with ferry routes by using high-end technological reservation tools in order to gain a winner role in competition of hard freight markets. There are hundreds of ferry routes within Europe that are being operated by sixty Ro-Ro companies. By the increased demand and quantity of ferry routes trucking companies have faced several difficulties during previous years including cost forecasting, space guarrante on board, chosing the right ferry services with best ticket prices. The aim of this study is to explain the importance of using web based technologies for ferry bookings of transport companies in all over the european routes by focusing on business model. In order to provide a unique, technological, user friendly, multilingual, instant ferry ticketing system that accepts several methods of payment ways a web based platform is built titled as The software was designed in C# programming language by the support of Microsoft's .Net technology and SQL database that serves in five languages and provides real time ferry booking opportunity. system that works as a B2B platform is connected with the ferry lines by using xlm connection and users are able to check the schedules, prices of over one hundred and thirty Ro-Ro routes on their web browsers. Customers have advantage of buying ferry tickets with upto 45% discount comparing to prices of ticket offices at the ports. Truckers from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Russia which are currently using system obtain their booking confirmations in minutes on their screens. As a conclusion to this research, is a spectacular example of discovering the benefits of technological developments in e-commerce, enterpreneurship for transportation industry, particulary in ferry bookings field. Keywords - Ferry, Transportation, Technology JEL Classification: R40, R41, R42