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Requirement Engineering for Shaping Automation Supportcode Generation Tools

Software code generation tools have tremendous power on all software development life-cycle aspects which promoted to not just for enhancing the performance of development but also to reduce time-to-development, time-to-market, and costs of development. This paper aims to demonstrate the epistemic variety of automation support code generation tools according to studying and analyzing a number of implemented tools. It conducted by a qualitative analysis of eight former associated tools that have contributed according to research papers. This paper resulted in the seven important diminutions which necessity to be studied and identified by the requirement engineers for shaping automation based on software code generation tools. It addressed the four types of software code generation tools and the integration types between these types. And finally, it addressed a general model requirement of software code generation tools. The main value of this paper is to target the requirement engineers at the in-house software development companies who are willing to develop automation support code generation tools. Index Terms - Requirement engineering, Code Generation Tools, Software tools