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Moving Towards Least Imperfection Possible; Constructal Law and Evolution of Air Conditioners

Evolution of air conditioners does not happen in one day. Need for air conditioning has a strong background and there is a continuous development in design and performance. The fundamental structure of the universe is one of conservation, not innovation. However, evolutionists, assumes that the course of evolution takes place within the structure of energy conservation. A common argument in contradiction of evolution is that the theory contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics which claims disorder, or entropy. According to entropy, universe is flouting down. But evolution says universe is getting better day by day. Evolution is the core of Constructal law. The philosophy of evolution does not challenge any recognized laws of physics. This paper takes an opportunity to discuss on the evolution of air conditioners, heat exchangers and the least imperfect possible design in window air conditioner. Keywords - Evolution, Heat Exchanger, Imperfection, Refrigerant, Window Air Conditioner.