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Using Web Mining Toextractknowledge And Behavior Of Chinese Online User Towards Thai Art Museum

This paper uses Web Mining tools –the Octoparse and ROST CM6.0, to collect and analyze Chinese users' online reviews on 5 Thai art museums from 4 Chinese online travel websites. The objectives of this paper are 1) What factors can attract Chinese tourists to visit Thai art museums? 2) What kind of critical knowledge should be used to help Thai art museums? Finally, the conclusions are as follows: 1) High-frequency keywords. Through the statistical analysis of the high- frequency words in the comment data, this paper gets the top 50 words which based on the 7Ps marketing mix theory and present the knowledge of Chinese users towards Thai art museums. 2) Chinese users’ behavior knowledge. This step shows the knowledge including satisfaction, motivation and types of Chinese users. The significance of the study is to help Thai art museums understand the knowledge of Chinese users from the perspective of Web Mining, and then adjust marketing strategies to strengthen market competitiveness. Keywords - Web Mining, Online Reviews, Art Museums, 7Ps Marketing Mix.