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Collaborative Learning: A Remedial Tool For Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Development and Grammar Competencies Enhancement

Each student is a potential collaborator in improving English instruction – specifically, on reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and grammar competencies. This study investigated the effectiveness of collaborative teaching in an English 11 class composed of (30) students who initially showed marked deficiencies in the components mentioned. Only three (3) students made the cut off score in a 150-item Pre-Test. As the professor/researcher went through the oral remediation on these areas, the students were observed to be passive, complacent and a bit overwhelmed with all the formal rules and processes, despite examples and illustrations. To address, this problem, small-group discussions with peer leaders as facilitators were formed. With the general instructions and guidelines given, the students were on their own – with only themselves consulting each other. The professor, a virtual “outsider”, served as consultant and overall facilitator. After an 18-hour session of collaborative peer interactions using parallel teacher-made test materials, a Post-Test was conducted, the result of which showed a significant increase in the mean score with 26 passers out of 30. The students were likewise observed to be more cooperative and participative. A classroom using collaborative teaching like this class concretizes the Chinese proverb “Tell Me and I'll forget, Show Me and I'll Remember, and Involve Me and I'll Learn." Keywords - Collaborative learning, small-group discussion, peer leader, facilitator