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Inter Culture Sensitivity: Facilitating Satisfaction, Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment

The objective of the research is to determine the job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment of 360 cross cultural corporate respondents who were contacted through primary data survey. The precondition was that they had worked for at least two years continuously in the same organisation. The gender profile of the respondents was as follows: 65.6 per cent were males and 34.2 per cent were females. A factor analysis revealed the dominance of the following factors, which were included to measure the regression per cent. These are as follows: Monetary Benefits, Working Conditions, Employer Branding, Leadership and Job Profile. While determining the regression, keeping the dependent variable as Job satisfaction and the above factors as independent variables, it was calculated to be 99%. All the above factors were having high correlation and the H2 or variability explained was as high as 77.6 per cent. The above research concludes the dominance of the factors of leadership, job profile, working conditions, employer branding and monetary benefits as the determinants for job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment. Keywords - Cross culture, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, monetary benefits, leadership, employer branding, job profile and working conditions.