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Graduates Employability Skills: What are the Perceptions of Tourism and Hospitality Industry?

The main purpose of the study was to investigate the industry perceptions on the tourism and hospitality graduates skills required for the successful employability. A total of 100 tourism and hospitality sectors within the industry were selected as respondents. They were identified in the Northern area of Malaysia which involved Penang Island and Langkawi Island. The findings of the study conclude that three skills are required by the industry as major skills which may lead to successful graduates’ employability namely, the work readiness and work habits skills, the interpersonal skills, and the learning, thinking and adaptability skills. On the other hands, the enterprises and innovation creativity skills are considered by the industry as the less important skill needed for successful graduates employability. Additionally, these skills are also important and should be taken into account by the educational institutions in preparing and designing the course curriculum. Keywords - Employability, Skills, Tourism and Hospitality, Graduates, Industry