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The Drivers And Impediments Of Innovation Orientations Amongst Construction Companies In Malaysia: An Exploratory Study

With the construction industry’s poor performance and lack of innovation, arguments have begun to focus on the orientation with regard to innovation, which refers to the creation and adoption of innovative practices. Innovation creation and innovation adoption vary in characteristics; particularly the factors that drive or inhibit these innovations. Thus, the present study explores and determines the factors that can affect innovation orientation in the context of the construction industry in Malaysia. A total of 9 award-winning construction companies in Malaysia participated in the interview survey. The findings indicate that there are 3 impediments and 2 drivers to innovation. Immature technical knowledge, negative perceptions, and the unrealistic demands inhibit the creation and adoption of innovation. On the other hand, dynamic top management/leadership drives innovation creation and government support drive innovation adoption. Theoretically, the findings add to the body of knowledge on the drivers/impediments with regard to innovation orientation. In practical terms, the findings suggest several actions to comprehend the impediments to innovation. These include 1) changes to mind-set, 2) embarking on technical training and R&D, 3) being conscious of rapid changing market trends, and 4) collaboration between private and public sectors. Keywords- Innovation creation, Innovation adoption, Driver, Impediment, Construction industry