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Women's Position in Economic Life According to Social Differences: Analyses and Compilation of Turkey’s and World Countries’ Statistical Researches

The active participation of women in the labor force is indisputable in the country's economic development.In addition to economic development, it also positively affects the social structure of society.Considering Turkish women's labor rates, unlike most countries around the world Turkeydoesn’t have a successful position. There are many cultural, social and economic reasons for Turkey in the substructure of this picture, where even regional women's participation in the labor force is different. In this study, the effects of different educational systems, religious structures, historical processes, working conditions and cultural structures on women's working life were studied.Women's education levels, status, working conditions and family structures in Turkey differ in regional terms and have different labor force participation rates. There are different studies in the local literature which calculate the labor force participation rates on Turkey basis and examine the regional dynamics that are causing this difference. The study mainly used secondary data. This data was obtained from sites belonging to the World Bank, Turkish Statistical Institute and other official statistical institutions. In addition, many literature studies were studied in local and foreign countries. This study is a compilation of the factors underlying the infrastructure of women's participation in labor force in Turkey compared with some countries in the world, especially the United States. Today, even the most developed societies still continue to be a subject of debate on equality between men and women. Since the past, women have been fighting for their rights. This situation affects the position of women in the society from daily life to business life. As a reflection of this, women's participation in labor force is also affected. Unfortunately, women's labor force is very low compared to men in Turkish Country. Examining the underlying reasons for this, trying to increase the labor force ratios of women will increase theparticipation of the general labor force and therefore affect the welfare of the society. The examination of countries in different structures is important in order to give concrete examples of the solutions of the reasons. In United States, women' roles have changed fundamentally when viewed in the last fifty years. Although there were times when the patriarchal order prevailed, the position of women in both society and business life has changed over time. As a result of the comparison of countries, demographic differences, differences arising from social life, the positioning of women in two different societies, the historical processes of societies and the social status of women in society are also effective. This study is a guide for women to actively participate in the labor force by identifying the deficiencies. Keywords - Women, Business, Labor Force, Woman Rights, Turkey