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Mobile Transpotation Purchase Decision: The Modification of Application of Technology Acceptance Model (Tam) (Case Study on Traveloka Mobile Application in Malang City)

Competition in the transportation business is growing, many companies are creating online transportation business applications either through websites or mobile applications such as Traveloka,,, and However, public interest in conducting online transactions in the travel category is still considered low. The Technology Acceptance Model was chosen as a reference for modifying the research model framework to identify the determinants of online transportation purchasing decisions. This study uses a sample of 210 respondents collected through surveys and data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results showed that the variables perceived ease, perceived benefit, and sales promotion had a positive and significant influence on online purchasing decisions. The implication of this study is need to improve perceived ease and sales promotion of consumer purchasing decisions on mobile applications. This can be done, among others, by providing a live chat feature with Traveloka customer service and being able to use another sales promotion tool and Prizesto be able to increase consumer purchasing decisions on the Traveloka mobile application. Keywords - Perceived Ease, Perceived Benefit, Sales Promotion, Purchase Decision.