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The Effect of Ability and Creativity to Improve Technopreneurship

Teenager in Indonesia have some potential behavior in business. They have some ability and creativity in business with using local resources, such us handycraft, start up and service product. The aims of this research are to analyze the effect of ability to creativityand intention to be technopreneur, also the effect of creativity to intention to be technopreneur. This research was using quantitative method with explorative descriptive. Location of this research was 3 Senior High School for Information Technology in Malang City with total sample were 255 students on grade 9-12 with age range 15-18 years old. Data was analyzed by linear regression. Result shows that 3hypotheses have significant positive effect. Ability have positive effect to creativity,ablity have positive effect to intention to be entrepreneur, and creativity have positive effect to intention to be entrepreneur. This research give recommendation for School and Government. They should to develop their ability to improve their creativity, It can improve theirintention to be technopreneur Keywords - Vocational, Computer, Technology, Student.