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Development Of Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring System

Water quality and wastewater checking are ineffectively executed in creating nations because of an absence of fitting instruments, money related assets, and specialized limits. They are primarily founded on incapable of conventional methodologies and are imperiled by a deficiency of logical information and specialized aptitudes. Subsequently, water quality and wastewater information are rare, untrustworthy and unsystematic. Water quality observing is additionally turning into a perplexing issue because of new water quality difficulties. In the most aquaculture ventures, manual water quality checking is utilized keeping in mind the end goal to evaluate the water nature of the lake. Observing quality incorporates reviews colorimetric test to learn the ebb and flow water quality. In this study, some parameters are needed for the analysis of aquaculture water quality monitoring system namely: ph level; dissolved oxygen; and temperature. The hardware and software components were identified to configure alert notification and build the graphical user interface. Also, it was concluded that the aquaculture water monitoring system is convenient because it provides comfort to the fish farmer. It offers real-time monitoring for their fish ponds, and it will send an alert when there is a degradation of water quality. The system includes information by notifying the users through SMS and selected social media. A further study is recommended to integrate LCD monitoring on the prototype for the sound system and feedback. Also, more parameters like salinity and transparency are needed in the add-ons, and minor bugs must be fixed at times on the operating system of the computer and the software used to develop the system. Keywords: Aquaculture, Water Quality, Water Monitoring, Monitoring System, Water Quality Monitoring System