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Ensuring Healthy Childhood: A Case Study of Assam

Children are the future of our tomorrow. The birth of a child brings so much joy not only to the parents but also to the extended family and society. In this paper, we’ll try to do aside with sex of the child which do influence some societies but we’ll be dealing with children in general. Psychologists say that the formative years of a child is from 0 yrs to 12 yrs. This paper tries to look into the status of the childs’ health along with the mother in terms of socio-economic and environmental parameters and how it influences the behavior of the child in his later years. The study was carried out in Assam, located in the north eastern part of India. The study is based on secondary data mainly from secondary sources and the main among them is National Family Health Surveys (NFHS) for a period of 20years, Annual Health Survey etc. Assam has a mixed population of several religious and ethnic communities engaged in various types of occupation. It takes into consideration both urban as well as rural areas and makes a comparative study both temporal and spatial aspects on the children of such households.