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Evaluation of the Relationship between Vitamin D Deficiency and Obesity Among Libyan Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus has become an important global healthcare problem, associated with serious multi-pathological factors. Vitamin D deficiency as associated to obesity, promotes the development of Type 2 diabetes.There aremulti-factors linking to vitamin Deficiency, including cutaneous dysfunction and aging. This study was aimed to evaluate thevitamin D deficiency in association to obesity and aging among diabetic patients in Tripoli, Libya. The study was conducted on 100 healthy, volunteer subjects aged between 26-62years old as a control group and another 100 patients with age-range between 26-59 years old and with history of Type 2 diabetes mellitus.Initial blood samples were collected from both the control and diabetes subjects and measurement of the height and weight are taken and recorded. The second samples were collected from the diabetes subjects, three months after the vitamin D supplementation. Serum was used for determination of the levels of vitamin D and their accumulation level. The results have shown that BMI values were significantly higher in all age groups of the diabetic subjects, females having (27±2 kg/m2) and males (26±2 kg/m2) compared to BMIvalues of the control subjects, were females have (23±1 kg/m2) and males (24±1 kg/m2). The study further revealed deficiency in the vitamin D level in all age groups of females and males, before the vitamin D supplementation (10±3 & 10±3 ng/ml); (8±3 & 8±2 ng/ml) respectively. After three months of vitamin D supplementation, a normal vitamin D level were noted in all age groups (39±8 & 43±9 ng/ml); (41±7 & 39±8 ng/ml) respectively. The results have shown a significant variation in vitamin D level after supplementation by (P=< 0.05). In conclusion, patients with Diabetes Mellitus often tend to be overweight; however, it was negatively correlated with vitamin D levels in young and middle-age subjects. To avoid the harmful effects of vitamin D deficiency, obese diabetic patients should be monitored and supplemented with adequate doses of vitamin D. Keywords - Vitamin D, Diabetes mellitus, Obesity, Body mass index, Deficiency.