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The Impacts of Cultural Intelligence on Turnover Intention for Employees At The Global Context

Cultural intelligence, job satisfaction, creative self-efficacy and turnover intention are important factors in the global business community. Improvement of these factors leads to the improvement of organizational productivity and performance and the retention of qualified employees. The aim of this research was to investigate the role of cultural intelligence and job satisfaction in predicting creative self-efficacy among Jebel Ali Zone staff. This study also examines how cultural intelligence fosters employee turnover intention in the workplace. Using a sample of 175 employees, we investigated the relationship between cultural intelligence, job satisfaction, turnover intention and creative self-efficacy. Data were gathered for four months. The results of smart PLS analysis indicate that there is a positive relationship between cultural intelligence and creative self-efficacy. The results also show that cultural intelligence affects job satisfaction. In addition job satisfaction is positively related with creative self-efficacy. There is a negative relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention and between cultural intelligence, turnover intention and satisfaction. Keywords- Cultural intelligence; job satisfaction, turnover intention, creative self-efficacy, Jabal Ali Free Zone, employees, global context.