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A Study of The Flipped Classroom Model in Teaching Practical Writing ---Taking “English Inquiry Letter” As An Example

"Flipped classroom" refers to a teaching model in which students use the learning materials provided by teachers to learn courses independently before class, discuss and interact with peers and teachers in class and complete exercises. "Flipped classroom" enables teachers to impart knowledge before class, and students have more time to think, communicate and discuss in class so as to complete the internalization and output of knowledge. Practical writing is a course that emphasizes language output and requires students to pay attention to diction, building of sentences and organizing of paragraphs according to the knowledge they have learned. Such courses require feedback from students and correction from teachers simultaneously. Through the model of "flipped classroom", students revise their compositions on site while the teacher is walking around the classroom to answer students’ questions and giving them the feedback. Feedback and correction occur at the same time, which can effectively improve students' writing ability. Based on the mini-videos and flipped classroom model, this paper takes the practical writing teaching as an example to elaborate the specific teaching process, aiming to reform the teaching of college English practical writing and provide guidance and reference for the coming relevant research and practice. Keywords- the Flipped Classroom, College English, Practical Writing Teaching