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Smartphone Application Roof Ventilator four Quadrant Drives Using Tms320f28335

The roof ventilator (RV) is a diameter about 75 cm, the RV will be direct coupling into dc machines, a new power conversion on machinery with roof ventilator (RV) dc machines at maximum rated dc voltage 24V, 117W. The paper proposed smartphone application roof ventilator four quadrant dc drives. The design controller of current and speed controller for dc motor drive system using DSP TMS320F28335. The current and speed controller is designed and implemented using MATLAB/SIMULINK program, current and speed response is verified through simulations and experiments. The motor operation mode it can control variable speed on rang 0-800 rpm. This provides guideline to further analyses and improve power conversion in electrical system pertinent to RV dc machines technique. Index Terms— Renewable Energy, Roof Ventilator (RV), Wind Turbine, DC machines, Smartphones, Four Quadrant, DSP TMS320F28335.