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Genetic Detection of Aminoglycoside-Resistance Gene Among Klebsiella Pneumoniae Isolated from Environmental of Al-Najaf Hospitals, Iraq

Klebsiella pneumoniae is one of the most medical microorganisms that able to cause serious infections. This pathogen a growing concern public health and may be leads to the mortality. The aim of the current research was to investigate and determine aminoglycoside genes resistant as well as antimicrobial agents among isolates of K. pneumoniae isolated from hospital environmental. the current study were revealed among 400 swabs isolated from various origin of hospital environmental only 103(25.75%) were gram negative bacterial isolates, while 28(7%) diagnosis as K. Pneumoniae isolates. Ruslts of antibiogram profile showed concern level of resistance 13(46.42%) of K. Pneumoniae isolates were multi-drug resistance (MDR) compared with 8(28.57%) were extensive-drug resistance (XDR). at same matter, all isolates were sensitive to impenem and meropenem antibiotics. Moreover, The data of Multiple antibiotic resistance index indicate to a huge antibacterial agents used in the hospital environment. Molecular data were revealed a high strA-B gene among K. Pneumoniae isolates reached to 20/28(%).compared with 2/28(%) and 1/28(%) for aacC-1 and aac(6′)/aph(2′) genes respectively. At same time, aacC-2, aph(3′)-IIIa and ant(4′)-Ia were no observed in this study.