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Effect of Oil Pipeline Vandalism on The Economy of Niger Delta Region, Nigeria

This paper examines the effect of oil pipeline vandalism on the economy of the Niger Delta. The main objective of the paper is to establish the case for vandalism, the reasons for vandalism, investigate the consequences of oil vandalism on the Socio economic life of host communities and assess the effectiveness of Government policies in mitigating negative effects. Survey research design was used to gather data, statistics was employed in analysing research questions while Chi- square statistics was used to test hypotheses. The findings show that there is high incidence of pipeline vandalism during the period of study. Reasons for vandalism include- criminality, conflicts and dissatisfaction with compensation. Further, that oil pipe vandalism has significant impact on environmental degradation of the Niger Delta region. Indications are that oil industries do not provide commensurate basic, social and health amenities in host communities. It is recommended that the government and oil companies should put in place transparent and auditable policies for the distribution of benefits to the people who are mostly affected in the Communities. The need for effective and continuous dialogue with stakeholders in the Niger Delta to find lasting solution to the menace of pipeline vandalism, oil theft and militancy in the Niger Delta is also recommended. Keywords - Niger Delta Region, Oil Industry Activities, Oil Pipeline Vandalism, Mitigation.