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Teacher in The Conflicting Pressures of Leader Paradigms

The position of a teacher as a leader have changed considerably in the history. Today, the dominant Global Educational Reform Movement (GERM), developed by the educational theorists of Neo Liberalism, is not giving the teachers freedom to steer their educational work, but sees them more civil servants, employed technicians, who arecontrolled by the headmasters and authorities.However, education has ethical basis, and this specific character would more take care of when considering the leader positions and practices in school life. In addition to GERM’s technical management practices within a curriculum of an organizational, bureaucratic and standardized instruction manual with only a few subjects, would educational steering also have features of pedagogical leadership, which basis is on broader Bildung-curriculumwith cultural values. For instance, if communicative discussions between the headmaster and the teachers are a part of school life, it is possible to developco-operational pedagogical leadership practices, which from the viewpoint of a teacher, are engaging and collective. Together it is easier to understand the complex character of educational reality and steer it. Indexterms- Pedagogical management, pedagogical leadership,co-operation, curriculum, Bildung.