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Road to Consumer’s Profile: The Metatheoretical Model of Motivation/Personality and Consumer Paradoxes of Technology

The current study utilized the Metatheoretical Model of Motivation and Personality and consumer paradoxes of technology concept to identify consumers who purchase technology-based products. The 3M Model, an integrated model of personality and motivation, brings together four theoretical approaches: control theory, hierarchical models of personality, evolutionary psychology, and trait theories of personality. Other key of the study is to test a consumer paradoxes of technology concept, which is developed based on consumer behaviour with technological product or service. Research on consumer paradoxes of technology may be considered as a subject of a limited stream of research. The study explores eight paradoxes of technological products: control/chaos, freedom/enslavement, new/obsolete, competence/incompetence, efficiency/inefficiency, fulfills/creates needs, assimilation/isolation, engaging/disengaging. The study also creates the research model to build consumers’ personality profile which will be tested in future. Keywords- consumer paradoxes of technology, 3M Model, technology-based products.