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Enhancing Students Achievement in Reading Comprehension Through Number Head Together (NHT) Cooperative Learning Strategy

The purpose of this study is to improve Students Achievement In Reading Comprehension by using Number Head Together (NHT) Cooperative Learning Strategy. Classroom Action Research as the research methodology by Hopkin model with the procedure in each cycle consists of four stages of planning, implementation, observation and reflection. The respondents were 20 Economics students of the Islamic University of Jakarta on the first semester. Research finding shows that there is significant different the mean pre-test =6.95 post test =15.10 in cycle 1 and post-test=23.30 cycle 2. Based on the findings, the authors can concluded that by using NHT Cooperative Learning Strategy in teaching reading is effective to enhance students Achievement. In the process when using the NHT Cooperative Learning Strategy, the students were very happy to get involved in all activities. They were very exciting when using the number in their head, and they were very enthusiastic to read the text given in order to answer the questions and after that they had to move to other group to find someone who had the same number and they have to discuss and share the answer. Besides improving students’ achievement in reading comprehension, the students got the soft skills as well, like listen to the members of the group patiently, encourage the members of the group, appreciate their friend’s opinions, and manage the members of the group by group leader. Key words- Students Achievement, Reading Comprehension, Number Head Together, Classroom Action Research Cooperative Learning Strategy