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The Study on The Enhancement of Targeted Algae Growth Using Soil Extracts From Two Different Kinds of Soils Collected from Two Areas in Malaysia

Little is known on why algal growth is enhanced when a particular soil extract is added. But by successfully developing the technique which will enable the growth of targeted algae to be enhanced through the addition of a particular soil extract, such knowledge is invaluable for the development towards useful mass culture of microalgae for industries, such as aquaculture feed. Soil collected from Raja Musa Forest Reserve and Air Hitam Forest Reserve in Malaysia was used to produce the soil extracts. The soil extracts were added in different proportions to existing culture media and tested on the growth of Nannochloropsis oculata and Chorella sorokiniana by subjecting to constant light intensity of 2000 lux with photoperiod of 12L:12D at a constant temperature of 25˚C. N. oculata and C sorokiniana had shown maximum growth on the 9th day when treated with the soil extract. The concentrations of dissolved organic carbon (DOC), total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) and total dissolved phosphorus (TDP) in the soil extracts are believed to have contributed to some extent, in enhancing the growth of the targeted microalgae but the process of extractions of the soils could limit the potential of the elements in the soil extract to enhance the microalgae growth.