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Accessibility Analysis of Paddy Farming on Micro Financial Institutions: Efforts to Improve The Contribution of Local Wisdom (Case Study of Indramayu District, West Java, Indonesia)

The productivity of local rice originating from breeder rice seedlings is quite high and valued higher in the grain market providing benefits for local rice farmers. But the need for farmers to continue to produce and increase productivity requires additional working capital, one of which is from microfinance institutions. This study aims to analyze the accessibility of Indramayu breeders in micro-credit to increase their farming production. The research location is in Indramayu District, West Java with samples of breeders in 15 sub-districts, spread in 40 local rice center villages using purposive sampling technique. The data of this study are primary data obtained from interviews with questionnaire guidelines. Time of data collection from August to October 2018. The analytical tool used is binary logistic regression with a maximum likelihood approach. The results of the analysis show that the opportunity for accessibility of breeders and general farmers in microcredit is 15.94%, while the rest do not or do not have access. Only the variable number of dependents of farmer families has a significant positive effect on access to micro credit. Based on the Exp (B) value it shows that the greater the family dependents have the opportunity 1,313 times compared to the small family dependents. Keywords- farmer rice seed breeders, local rice seed, accessibility, microfinance institutions